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Welcome to Peter’s Dreams!

I have found my way out of the Corporate Rate Race.

Being financially independent is only one component of it, but a very important one.

The four areas

  • Mindset
  • Finance
  • Relationships and
  • Health

must be in harmony for a fulfilling life.

Work your way through the various posts.

I have…

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Even though you’ve already learned a lot about stock trading, don’t be under the illusion that you’re now prepared for any eventuality and nothing can happen to you.

Understanding the basics is one thing. But expanding your knowledge and, above all, questioning and constantly improving your own actions are indispensable…

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One of the most important success factors is customer loyalty. Successful companies get their customers to buy from them again and again.

But not only that! They also know how to keep interested potential customers who haven’t bought anything yet, and ultimately turn them into paying customers after all.


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After you have learned the most important basics of stock trading (technical analysis, fundamental analysis, market selection, risk management), you should define your own stock strategy.

This is fundamentally important. A reliable strategy reduces the risk that you will react emotionally and take stupid decisions in turbulent times.

Traders with…

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Now that you already know the functionality and risks of stops from this article, today we’ll cover some really cool tactics for using stops effectively.

When the stock market environment is right, this can be used to take automated profits.

The four tactics are:

  1. the stop ladder
  2. trailing stops
  3. take profit limits
  4. OCO-Orders


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Even if you know how to evaluate individual stocks by means of fundamental data and chart analysis, you should think about strategy and risk beforehand.

No investment is without risk, not even the supposedly safest form of investment.

Theoretically, my main bank can also go bankrupt or the value of…


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