Articles About Financial Freedom And Success Are Read The Most.

At least with me.

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I have published 194 articles on Medium so far.

When I analyze which ones have brought in the most, it’s clearly articles that are about financial freedom.

So little success stories on my part, also about Bitcoin, but in general very much about the concept of financial freedom.

So far so good. Here’s the next one, I’m learning as I go!

You need two things.

To seriously achieve financial freedom, whether you prefer a frugalist lifestyle, a middle class lifestyle, or more luxurious lifestyle, you can’t do it without these two components:

  1. you need to get to a shitload of money as fast as possible.
  2. you need to understand a lot about financial investments so that you don’t lose the money again.

1. A shitload of money

Most people underestimate how much money you really need for financial freedom.

With a million dollars, you can start thinking about it.

It’s realistic to think that over a long period of time you can invest your assets at about a 15% return per year.

That’s about the long-term appreciation of the S&P500 or the MSCI World.

A return above that is already very good. You’re lucky if you beat the market, they say.

I do have a progressive equity strategy that I expect to return 30–40% per year, but that’s not where I put all my risk capital. I don’t put all my capital into Bitcoin either, just a portion.

So a million has to be there. Inflation also eats up 5–8 percentage points of your return.

Get it FAST!

Second, most would-be financial freedom seekers underestimate how long it takes to get to a shitload of money.

If you put $100K aside every year, it still takes 10 years to get to a million.



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