Children Are The Greatest Gift You Can Get On Earth — I Know That Now

They will pass on your legacy.

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My daughter was born when I was 32 years old. She is now 10 years old. She also has a seven-year-old brother.

My life was completely different before.

True, I had a lot more time to myself.

And I really mean MUCH MORE TIME!

Children eat up all the time you have besides work.

But: it’s worth it.

The best moment.

For me as a family man, one of the best moments is when I’m walking through the garden of our family home, my wife is tending to the plants somewhere (she LOVES gardening) and the kids are laughing and playing on the lawn.

I then stand at the top and look down into the garden — our house is on a hillside and the garden is laid out in two large levels — see my happy family in our own home and am more satisfied than I could ever be.

In those moments, I contentedly tell myself that I’ve actually got it made.

Which is not true, because I aspire to much more.

But THIS is what I have accomplished.

A happy family in our own home. And that’s worth a lot.

The kids can be exhausting, yes.

But that’s part of it.

They have to learn about the world first.

When you become a father, you have no idea what to expect.

It was like that with me.

Not in the least.

It goes by quickly.

I try to spend as much time as possible with my children.

That doesn’t always work. They often interrupt me while I’m sitting at the PC (for example, to write a new Medium article).

“Dad, are you doing something with us?”

It then always costs me some self-control not to send them away again.



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