I Find It Too Hard To Publish Regularly Besides Having A Job.

Medium and YouTube need time if you take it serious.

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I lived off the returns on my investments for three years.

It went well so far and my capital stock did not decrease noticeably.

But because I’m a cautious guy, I went back to my old job.

So far so good, I like it, the living expenses are secured and the investments are increasing.

Especially Bitcoin has been doing well since the beginning of the year.

On the side, I keep writing on Medium,

but I had to put my plans with YouTube and my own online course on hold for now.

But I don’t just want to have a normal job, I definitely want to build something of my own on the Internet.

I really like Medium because it helps me organize my thoughts and publishing on Medium is always rewarded immediately.

The more followers you build up, the better the re-entry is every time.

It’s always more rewarding!

Although only a very little gradual, but I still notice it.

Maybe there really is exponential growth possible?

That is, each time more reward for the same effort?

I was very busy for two days now, because I had the time.

I published over 10 articles in these two days.

In the last five months it was rather always so 2 to 3.

And you notice it immediately in the views:

They immediately shot up and now on August 5, I’m already at the same amount of revenue as for the whole of July.

Medium just keeps getting me with that.

I’ve had my busy periods, and my lazy periods.



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