My Dream Business Will Make An Impact For A Better World

Photo by Paul Szewczyk on Unsplash

I have a dream that most people don’t just live into the day as if by remote control, but that they are aware at every moment of what they are in the world for, what their great goal in life is, and what they are doing at this very moment to contribute to the realization of this goal.

I have a dream that every day before going to bed, most people know exactly what they have particularly succeeded in doing that day, and how they themselves have brought about that situation.

I have a dream that most people will no longer blame their family, the weather, their age, their boss, the government, corporations, neighbors, or any other external circumstance for their fate, but simply themselves.

I have a dream that most people will clearly recognize their own outstanding abilities, name them unashamedly in front of everyone else, and use them to enrich the lives of others with joy, confidence, and self-respect.

I have a dream that most people will not look with envy and resentment upon the beautiful, the rich, the strong, the successful, the popular, and the self-confident, but will respect them, revere them, address them, and use them as inspiration for their own advancement.

I have a dream that most people are fully aware that they are animated souls in a biological body, and that they heed the signals from their body at all times so that they live a long and healthy life.

I have a dream that most people at any given time will look back on their last day, last week, last month, last year, last phase of their lives, and their entire lives to date with joy, pride, and the knowledge that they have always done everything in their power to ensure that they recognize themselves and their desires and consistently pursue them.

I have a dream that Peter’s Dreams will make a great important contribution to the fulfillment of all these dreams.



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