Journey to Financial Freedom: Balancing a Dream Job with Building Wealth — My Midlife Reinvention

… and what I want from the next 10 years.

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I am now 43 years old and will be 44 in just over 3 months.

About 10 years ago, I swore to myself that I wanted to be able to stop working by the age of 45 at the latest.

In other words: I want to have so much invested capital that I can live off the income.

With an appropriate lifestyle, of course.

Almost four years ago, when I was 39, I pre-empted the whole plan and quit my well-paid job.

But it was also because I didn’t really like the job.

I’ve been working again for just over six months now.

Have I failed with my plan for financial freedom?

You could see it that way, but I don’t.

You have no choice but to talk yourself out of your situation if you want to stay positive, don’t you? 😉

In the three years I took off work — perhaps it was my midlife crisis — I wrote seven fantasy novels, almost two hundred blog articles, started and then shut down a YouTube channel, tried out several online business models and launched websites, attended lots of online courses and, above all, spent a lot of time on investing.

It was probably a time that I needed on my path to individual freedom.

I also did a lot of DIY work on our house, which we bought second-hand 5 years ago.

It was one of the best decisions in my life!

Looking back, it was a very cool time and I wouldn’t want to have missed it.

I have come out of it personally stronger, I have tried out which online business models suit me and I know which ones I will continue to pursue.

These are:

  • Blogging on Medium
  • Promoting my wikifolio (a sample stock portfolio through which others can benefit from my strategy, which also allows me to earn money, only available…



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