The Evolution of My Medium Odyssey: Earnings, Efficiency, and Future Aspirations

My Earnings of 29 Months on Medium

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I’ve been writing on Medium for 29 months now and would like to briefly share how I’m doing with it.

What probably interests a lot of people is my income:

I have earned with about 200 written articles (6.9 per month) a total of

$ 1045,05.

However, I still have to deduct the costs for the partner program from this and end up with

$ 900,34.

I also bought a course for $200 at the beginning, so my total income is

$ 700,34.

That’s about $3.63 per published article.

I have become quite efficient with my writing, I estimate that it takes me about an hour and a half to write an article.

That equates to an earnings per hour of $2.42.

Not exactly thrilling, is it?

But the positive news is that the income per article and per hour invested keeps increasing.

The more followers I get, the more worthwhile it is to write on Medium.



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