Why You Should Find The Daily Task You Love For Long Term Success

Focus on the main value add for at least one hour per day!

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Most have already understood that the way to wealth and happiness is consistency.

  1. there are too many interesting trends at the same time. But you should concentrate on one.
  2. I have to keep it up to produce quality consistently over a longer period of time.

Consistency in business leads to success

I write 1,000 words every day on my fantasy novels!

What is my LOVE-TASK?

It’s not immediately obvious what that one task is that you’re so into.

Gain experience — and experience your love!

Success has a lot to do with self-discovery.

Be reliable and specific!

  • For book authors: write the next book (not: read other books)
  • For bloggers: publish the next post (not: read other posts)
  • For Youtuber: Produce the next video (not: watch other videos)
  • For Amazon FBA merchants: unlock the next product (not: analyze competitors)
  • For day traders: trade (not: analyze a new strategy)
  • For newsletter sellers: send out the next newsletter (not: optimize automation)



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