You Must Understand That The Competition Is Not Perfect Either

Everyone Cooks Noodles With Boiling Water

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One of the most important and encouraging facts I have learned in my professional life:

The competition is also just cooking noodles with boiling water.

Most likely, they are not inherently better but have simply been doing the right things for longer.

That means you can do it, too.

No matter how well your competitors present themselves to the outside world, behind the scenes they’re struggling with the same issues you or your organization are.

They may have perfect websites and videos, they may be the most talented actors in the business, at the end of the day, they have to put in the same effort for the same results you or your team are striving for.

What’s the situation?

Let’s look at two scenarios, both of which I find encouraging.

1. You don’t yet have experience delivering a specific performance.
2. You already have experience in delivering that performance.

First case: You have no experience

If the competition promises something that you yourself have not yet delivered, then they either have experience doing it themselves and have done it several times, or they at least think they know a way to achieve the result safely and efficiently.

If you’re impressed by your direct competitors’ offerings or successes, it’s worth studying their approach. Look and listen around their environment, it may not be that hard to figure out their approach, and you can quickly learn something.

The positive thing about this situation: it shows you that this way is basically possible and you can achieve it with brains and discipline. The information about the right approach is out there somewhere. And someone else has already gone through the arduous path of trial and error.

If there is information on the open market about a proven and clearly described process available for purchase for free or for a fee, so much…



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